from by The Otto Modest




Folding back my layers like an onion you were surprised at what you saw
My heart was bloody and red and not black at all
I can understand why you're scared but not why you cry
I'm wise but ungrateful and I steal my best lines from poets in the gutter
Curse the day I became aware of my own power it was a hefty lie
I'm a very bad man
I'm a very bad man
She was the one I could never keep in bed
She never had a friend that didn't end up dead
And I wait for her soul to reveal itself
But it never will, it never will, but I hope it will
Rickety, rickety, rickety rhymes I had more ideas than I ever had time
And she's so happy that my armies march to her beat
With soldiers shining smiles to the corpses beneath their feet
I'm a very bad man
I'm a very bad man


from City 9, released March 18, 2011




The Otto Modest St Louis, Missouri

Some guys in South City St. Louis trying to make interesting rock music.

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